The Permit Connection, Inc.                                                

 Land Development Consulting  
We can meet with you on site  with you , your contractor or  your representative to discuss your project and the best way to accomplish your development desires and goals and help you avoid unforeseen obstacles.

Waterfront,Critical Area  and Non Critical Area Building Permit Expediting 
With cutting edge knowledge we can make your permit project a quick success.  We can be the link between the government agencies and the homeowners to make your project trouble free.

Septic System,Well and Health Department Permits 
Registered Environmental Sanitarian with over 35 years of hands on   experience , we are able to problem solve problematic issues where others often fail .     

Site Plan Preparation 
We can create a professional site plan to be used for your permit application needs for far less than an engineer.


Plans, Affidavits and Modifications

over 35 years experience we can create your planting plans, lot merger agreements,reforestation agreements, modifications, variances, standard grading plans and other county and state requirements.

Feasibility Research

Have a experienced research the probability of your construction ideas before you invest high finances.

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